Freeze Dried Yoghurt Cube (Mixed)

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The yoghurt cubes are made with freeze-dried technology. Because freeze-dried products are dehydrated under vacuum and low temperature (-25~-35℃), the original shape and color of the food can be well maintained. The moisture in the fruits are greatly reduced, keeping its original color, aroma, taste and nutrients to the greatest extent. Each piece of yoghurt cube measures at approximately 15mm X 15mm X 15mm and also contains fruit pieces for better taste experience.

Mixed flavour of Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Dragon Fruit Freeze Dried Yoghurt Cube.


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3 reviews for Freeze Dried Yoghurt Cube (Mixed)

  1. Pauline

    My son loves it so much, crunchy but melt in the mouth.

  2. Jia Wen

    First time tried this yogurt cube. Love it.

  3. Chia En

    Added to my muesli! Love the mango flavor. Brilliant! Super efficient seller. Placed order yesterday and received today. Thanks!

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